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Finacial Benefits

Save Fule & Energy for Future

The less you burn, the more you earn

Ride a Bicycle or Walk for short Distance

Minimize waste of LPG/Electricity

Encourage Use of Public transport as much as possible

Health benefits of regular cycling

Increased cardiovascular fitness

Increased muscle strength and flexibility

Improved joint mobility

Decreased stress levels

Improved posture and coordination

Strengthened bones

Decreased body fat levels

Prevention or management of disease

Reduced anxiety and depression

Environmental benefits

Do you know 1 litre of fuel emits 2.5kg of CO2?

By using Bicycle or Public transport CO2 emittion level reduced

Improve Ozon layer with hepl us to protect our skin from UV rays emit from Sun light

Practice to plant a tree on your every birthday which improves the O2 level

EMS Mehsana grateful to have the support of people like you

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